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Problems With The Present System

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    1. Vehicle Identification A typical parking access pass is a windshield sticker that shows the times at which access is to be allowed, to which lot & valid upto a certain date.The sticker can get peeled off, smudged, defaced due to rain or bleached due to sunshine.  
    2. During the morning rush hour, it takes a long time to gain access to the parking lots, because security personnel will painstakingly check the access pass and then decide whether to allow entry or not. Meanwhile angry drivers behind start honking.
    3. The security guard will then manually note down in a diary or make a data entry regarding the vehicle, date and time of entry and exit. This requires a person manning a booth in addition to the one standing outside, who checks the sticker passes. In case any data is to be retrieved later on, it becomes time consuming.
    4. Stickers can be easily forged or tampered and pass validity “extended” unauthorizedly. This can even lead to a security problem as malicious persons can enter on the basis of forged passes and carry out some undesirable events.
    5. The entire security system depends on the honesty & integrity of the person manning the gate. Not a very comfortable situation for any building owner.




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