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Plane Spare Parts

History Of Plane Spare Parts

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plane spare parts 1The UK’s Royal Air Force has several squadrons of Sea Harrier “Jump Jets” fighter aircraft. These are known as Jump jets because they require very short take off and landing lengths on the runway.


Advantages Of RFID Solution

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  1. Adventages of rfid for plane crashesInstant location of critical spares in all hangars, material stores & depots and even on board remote places like aircraft carriers.
  2. Less need to carry excess inventory of must have spares, as the required spares can be almost instantly located. Hence less cash gets locked up in inventory without sacificing reliability



RFID Solution Of Plane Spare Parts

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RFID solution for plane crashesSomething like one thousand parts (amongst the several thousands that a plane has), are very expensive and critical to operations. These parts can be easily tracked using RFLD.


Future Scenarios Of Plane Spare Parts

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RFID future for Plane Spare PartsThe UK’s Royal Air Force has already started implementing an RFID based tracking system for the Jump Jets. In future the same system can be used by any airline or any air force for better inventory management.



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