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A Typical Scenario

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A Typical Scenario of RetailingA shopper casually walks into the store. She is glancing at interesting items and comes across a scarf (say costing $500—yes, it’s a designer scarf, remember?) the fixed RFID reader located some distance away notices and records this interest.If the shopper calls out to a sales girl (equipped with a “wand”) she can get all information about the scarf by waving her (magic?) wand.The wand reads the tag, connects wirelessly to the store database and displays information about the scarf on a large LCD screen somewhere nearby. This information is not only price, but design elements, the hidden meanings of the design, materials used, name of the designer, similar styles in other colors, etc.This encourages her to buy it.If she would want to take the scarf to a dressing room (the trial room) she can carry it and wear it inside. The trial room reader senses this scarf and displays on another screen inside the room, similar designs of scarfs, any other merchandise that can go alongwith it, and other such information, that may result in a profitable upsell. Even if the shopper does not pick up the scarf but merely sees it or hovers near it, the reader can sense this. At the end of the month it can identify products that were picked up the most, hovered near but never picked up, picked up & tried, etc etc. A whole lot of consumer behaviour data can now be gathered and analysed and acted upon, to improve sales.



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